duminică, 19 august 2012

That's why Diablo 3 will be the first game that can not be pirated in any way

We all know software piracy and what is eaten: a team of hackers buy an original copy of the software, a PC installed and looking for a vulnerability or elsewhere executable software in order to bypass security method of its execution without the need for the original disc. All this is related in principle, there are other methods of protection that I will not mention now you just get the highly anticipated PC game diablo 3 torrent from Blizzard.

With Blizzard Starcraft 2 team tried hard to eliminate piracy completely so that their games will not be played without previously purchased. They achieved this but only half and this for singleplayer campaign could be played offline while the online multiplayer servers require connection to Blizzard. Without this multiplayer (the most important part of the Starcraft series by the way) is not accessible. The Diablo 3 team wants to "win" the other half and thus not offer any offline singleplayer campaign. Basically they were able to tie all game servers free online account so their official game servers will not start. Yes, Diablo 3 you will not be able to play if you do not have internet. Go to the store and buy your favorite IT game, get home, install it on DVD and if you have internet (I know I live in an area where it is not available all the time) you will find that it will not start. But it's pretty silly that Blizzard method adopted against piracy.

And yet, what would be different Diablo 3 Starcraft 2? Both come with an installation DVD, DVD data access Diablo 3 will definitely be done. Right, but (and it's a big but) Blizzard game protection extended here with another innovation. Starcraft 2 is included in all levelele game installation, textures, maps, singleplayer missions and campaigns. In Diablo 3 be different job seamanand more with World of Warcraft. He has also included the installation of a PC all levels, maps and everything related to the media (video / audio) with one key exception: the character that play, move it in real life and its development is not stored on computer, everything is kept online Blizzard's servers. Some may think that some unofficial servers that emulate key impediment game that will be created and this piracy will grab a new game. Unfortunately that is not possible another reason. Again Diablo 3 will differentiate itself from other games in that servers are random events that dictate the appearance of the map. Still this is not like any other game where I knew that if we go to the left of the map get to that quest. No, in Diablo 3 servers experience is different and change it every time so grow and playability. Therefore if servers will be emulates playing experience then most likely this round will be one linear and contain the same quests but in a predefined order and static, unable to provide the original game experience. Additionally AI controlled enemies is all of Blizzard server and thus an emulation will be done for this. You can think and you what that means, if it happens. May be a Diablo 3 emulation barely over 1 year after the launch of the game and then the results will be very bad.

That's what game developers follow in the future to implement in the fight against piracy. To tie their game exclusive online environment so that his absence make the game unusable in any form. Just as they hear rumors about next generation consoles PS4 and XBOX720 games that will not run without this online community. In conclusion this is what differentiates Diablo 3 the rest games:

- Only servers can store and generate content randomized character so the game client should always be connected to the Internet
- In order to crack the game ui necessary building emulated servers
- Blizzard does not want people to know these things until it's too late (game launches time until they get emulated servers will be a long life so that people will go and buy the game and will not wait for crack side-stepping it)
- Blizzard has legal support to lreveni creating emulated servers. With their appearance they will act in their closing - Because the terrain is created randomly this will make teleportation and other hacking methods impossible, leading to failure any attempt to cheat
- Online component that connects the game it gives opportunity for Blizzard to implement paid by auction houses where you can buy and sell items for Octopus sites, leading to a legal exchange medium
- Any game can be created in the future to use this technique to transfer game content in real time on a personal computer servers as happens in Diablo 3

Blizzard seems to have learned a lot since it was founded and manages to implement a technique very effective anti piracy that we see in practice 15.